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Regionalwirtschaftliche Effekte der geplanten internationalen Forschungseinrichtung European Spallation Source (ESS)

Regional-economic impact of the planned international research institution “European Spallation Source” (ESS)

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Rolf Sternberg
Team:  Prof. Dr. Rolf Sternberg, Dr. Jens Kramer, Rik Schauenberg (University of Cologne)
Year:  2001
Funding:  Research Centre Jülich GmbH
Duration:  2001
Is Finished:  yes

The aim of this project is the ex-ante quantification of the regional-economic impact of the planned European spallation source at Jülich. Additionally possible innovation effects of this large research institution are assessed and recommendations towards an increase of the regional benefits are formulated.

Presentations to Scientific Audiences:

  • Sternberg, R.: Regionalwirtschaftliche Effekte der ESS. ESS - Milliardenprojekt für Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft. Industrie-Club Düsseldorf. Düsseldorf 11.04.2002.