Facilities at the institute

In the premises of the Institute at Schneiderberg 50, students of geography have access to various workplaces and resources.

In the rooms V306 and V307 is the AOrtA - a workroom and place of exchange. There are 25 places for group and individual work, including 8 PC workstations. The front room is equipped with group workstations and four PC workstations, as well as a printer and copier. The rear room is used as a library, but is additionally equipped with quiet workstations and another four PC workstations.

The library of the Geography Institutes is a small reference library, which is not part of the university library. It is available to Geography students and, by arrangement, to other users. Its special value lies in the free accessibility without stacks, in the consistent geographic orientation and in the global exchange of documents, which leads to the availability of journals and institute series that other libraries in Hannover do not have.

The CIP pool of the geography institutes is located in room V305. It is available for students to work in around the clock outside of booked events.

The operation of the rooms is ensured by student assistants during the opening hours of the library. Outside these hours, the rooms can be accessed by borrowing keys from the Economic Geography secretary's office and depositing a deposit.

In case of questions, suggestions or requests, the library student helpers can be reached by e-mail.

  • Use of the library


    • All students and lecturers of the Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography and the Institute of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology as well as members of the Geographische Gesellschaft zu Hannover e.V. are entitled to borrow books.
    • Textbooks can only be borrowed upon presentation of a valid personal document (identity card, driver's license).
    • Textbooks can be borrowed for a maximum of 5 working days, journals are usually not lent.
    • Short-term loan of books/magazines to the front room (AOrtA) for reading or copying, or for scanning. Short-term loans are only possible upon presentation of the student ID card or the identity card. Borrowing time is limited to library hours on that day.

    Literature Research:

    • Literature research is possible in the library via the program Citavi, here books and journals as well as series of publications from the library stock can be researched.
    • For a more comprehensive search (especially of journal articles) we recommend the following databases on the Internet, which can also be accessed at the computers in the library:
    • Geographical Central Library at the Institute of Regional Geography Leipzig
    • Geographical article database of the University of Erlangen
    • GBV
    • You can ask the supervisor about the existence of the literature found on the Internet. The list of available journals and series is also posted there and on the bulletin board in the hallway.

    Other use:

    • Literature that cannot be borrowed can be copied and scanned in the AOrtA, a short loan is necessary for this purpose.
    • Workstations are available in the library as well as in the AOrtA. There you can also copy and print (black and white) using a copy card or printer account. Scans via the copier can be saved on a storage medium via USB interface free of charge.
    • Books that are in the card storage/archive (noted in Citavi) can be borrowed upon request. Books should be reported to the supervisor and will then be made available for pick-up no later than the next day.
    • All letters (pay stubs, etc.) to student assistants in the Geography Departments are kept in the library and can be picked up there during opening hours.
  • Use of the CIP Pool

    The CIP pool is intended exclusively for working and researching. Therefore, it is indispensable that silence prevails. Music or loud conversations are not desired!

    Access is gained by borrowing a CIP-Pool key from the secretary's office. To do this, you must enter your name and telephone number on a list provided there and leave a valid identity card or passport as a deposit. For the period of the loan you are responsible for the CIP-Pool and the equipment in the CIP-Pool and can be held liable for damages and theft of equipment. Likewise, one is required to leave the room in proper condition. This includes shutting down and turning off computers and monitors, closing windows, turning off lights, and locking the door.

    During events, the CIP pool cannot be used for independent work. The current occupancy schedule can be viewed in the right-hand column. Please inform yourself in advance.

    If you notice any irregularities or encounter technical problems, we would like to ask you to report this immediately to the student IT support staff. Our support staff will also help you if you no longer know your access data.