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ZukunftNAH - Opportunities for a needs based local supply in rural areas of Lower Saxony

ZukunftNAH - Opportunities for a needs based local supply in rural areas of Lower Saxony

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Javier Revilla Diez, Prof. Dr. Barbara Zibell
Team:  Franziska Sohns, Ingrid Heineking, Petra Preuß
Year:  2014
Funding:  EU
Duration:  2012 - 4/2014
Is Finished:  yes


The safety of a needs-based local supply - in this context a local supply with everyday goods in sufficient quality and quantity – is related to regional planning policy, which has inter alia the task to accomplish equivalent living conditions in all regions of the Federal Republic of Germany (§ 1(2) ROG).

The State of Lower Saxony has removed increasingly from reaching this objective. In particular rural regions are more and more affected by closure in all areas of public and private supply. The successive reduction of infrastructure often leads to a lower quality of life and further ways. The departure of food retail as a frequency in the rural town centers entails often a closure of other utilities. This has significant consequences for the town centers as social meeting places, as well as on the possibilities of a sustainable supply of rural areas.
In this context, unequal terms and conditions in the different rural areas of Lower Saxony lead to different structures of supply which require individual responses.

The requested project pursues the research goal, to illustrate and understand the interactions between the supply structure, the spatial structure and the behavior of the involved player, in order to find innovative and sustainable working solutions for demand oriented regional supply concepts together with economic oriented companies.
It will also provide a contribution to the information of the population to strengthen the identification of the population with their region to further the sustainable development of rural areas.

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