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The Role of Remigrants for Innovations – an Empirical Analysis for Shanghai

The Role of Remigrants for Innovations – an Empirical Analysis for Shanghai

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Rolf Sternberg
Team:  Claudia Müller (University of Cologne)
Year:  2006
Funding:  Volkswagen Foundation (Volkswagenstiftung)
Duration:  2003 - 2006
Is Finished:  yes

This project is on the role of entrepreneurial activities by return migrants for the regional innovation system within a developing country, analysed for Shanghai/China. In particular it is analysed how these entrepreneurs do spatially organise their innovation activities and how they are embedded in regional and international networks. Additionally, the role of such entrepreneurs within high-tech strategies of Chinese government is investigated. Further insights into Shanghai’s status as a high-tech location, into the efficiency of policy instruments to support high-tech start-ups, into the reverse brain drain and into the contribution of entrepreneurial activities by return migrants are expected.

PhD- dissertation is based upon qualitative interviews with remigrating entrepreneurs and with local experts in Shanghai September-December 2003 and August-October 2004.

This PhD-project is part of a bigger research project entitled "A Qualitative and Empirical Analysis of Spin-off Firms in Beijing, Hangzhou and Wuhan: A Contribution towards Explaining Innovation Processes in China", jointly organised by Profs. Sternberg, liefner and Schätzl.


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