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Ausbildungspotenzialanalyse Rendsburg

The Potential for Additional Vocational Training Positions in Rendsburg, Northern Germany

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Javier Revilla Diez
Team:  Oliver Brandt
Year:  2006
Funding:  Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), European Social Fund
Duration:  2006
Is Finished:  yes

The decline of vocational training positions in Germany has different regional intensities. Regions in West Germany facing the greatest problems are targeted by the programme STARegio, which aims to structurally improve the regional vocational training conditions. The approach focuses on initiating and fostering regional networks and the development of customised local solutions. The scientific advice for the STARegio project “Miteinander in Ausbildung, Rendsburg” had two objectives. The first aim was to identify industries and occupations in the Rendsburg region with the largest potential for additional vocational training positions. Furthermore, an enterprise survey was conducted to assess the obstacles for the provision of more vocational training jobs.


Brandt, O.; Trettin, M.; Revilla Diez, J. (2007): Regionales Ausbildungsplatzpotenzial der Regionen Rendsburg und Hohenwestedt. Wissenschaftliche Analyse für das Projekt "Miteinander in Ausbildung" der Programmes STARegio. Hannover.