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Technological change, innovation, and regional economic development in Shanghai and Beijing

Technological change, innovation, and regional economic development in Shanghai and Beijing

Led by:  Prof. Dr, Ingo Liefner
Team:  Prof. Dr, Ingo Liefner, Stefan Hennemann
Year:  2005
Funding:  German Research Foundation (DFG)
Duration:  2003 - 2005
Is Finished:  yes

Since of introduction of economic reforms in 1978 the People’s Republic of China and its coastal cities in particular have witnessed sustained high growth. The research project aimed at understanding the dynamics of regional economic restructuring in Shanghai and Beijing, two leading metropolises. The project focuses on technical upgrading, knowledge and innovation as important determinants of economic change. Goals of the project are


  1. to gather evidence of technological change and innovation of firms in Shanghai and Beijing,
  2. To assess the importance of indigenous R&D activities on technology imports by foreign-invested companies, and
  3. To envisage long-term economic benefits deriving from strategies that emphasize either own R&D activities or technology imports and cooperation.

The research is based on a company survey in Beijing and in Shanghai.

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Presentations to Scientific Audiences:

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