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Digital Access to Mobility: Societal Transformation in a Digital Society – Raising Awareness for the Participation in a Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility Transition

Digital Access to Mobility: Societal Transformation in a Digital Society – Raising Awareness for the Participation in a Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility Transition

Led by:  Dr. Kerstin J. Schäfer und Prof. Christiane Meyer
Team:  Dmitry Boyko (Economic Geography), Tomke van Hove (Didactics) und Jonas Koch (Didactics)
Year:  2021
Funding:  Niedersächsisches Vorab der VW-Stiftung und dem Niedersächsischen Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur
Duration:  2021 - 2024

Mobility as a Service is a buzzword for the increasing digitalisation of mobility. The recent surge of mobility apps has the power to fundamentally reshape how we use transportation systems and can thus foster a sustainable mobility transition. However, it needs to be ensured that these new technologies do not contribute to transport-related social exclusion (TRSE). Therefore, the question of how citizens should participate in the process of digitalising mobility and implementing it is pressing. In order to analyse this complex sociotechnical phenomenon, we study the development of public transport mobility apps through interviews with software developers and transport planners to identify the steps that require participation. Moreover, we survey personal mobility needs of diverse user groups and particularly aim to include hard-to-survey groups such as elderly and economically disadvantaged people. These insights will be complemented by focus groups with young people to study how they reflect on the mobility transition through the implementation of mobility apps with regard to TRSE. In addition, we will conduct interviews with educators and a transdisciplinary workshop on how raising awareness for an inclusive mobility transition can be realised in the context of Education for Sustainable Development.

Presentations to Scientific Audiences

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