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Evaluating Technology Business Incubators – The European and German Perspective

Evaluating Technology Business Incubators – The European and German Perspective

Led by:  Prof. Dr. Rolf Sternberg
Team:  Prof. Dr. Rolf Sternberg
Year:  2000
Funding:  United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Vienna
Duration:  2000
Is Finished:  yes

This project is part of UNIDO initiative "Assessment of Business Incubators as Economic Development Tools in Developing Countries". It is analysed whether business incubators in western Europe and especially in Germany are suitable models for local economic development policies in developing countries. The main focus is on the economic justification for public resources dedicated to business incubators and the local impact on economic target variables.



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Presentations to Scientific Audiences:

  • Sternberg, R.: Evaluation of Science Parks: Ex-Post and Ex-ante Approaches. Science Park Evaluation Methodologies Workshop der Europäischen Kommission (DG XIII). Luxemburg (Luxemburg) 06.-07.12.1995.