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Ethnic Gentrification? – Zur Rolle aufstiegsorientierter Migranten bei der Aufwertung innenstadtnaher Altbauquartiere

Ethnic gentrification? – The role of high-achieving migrants in the upgrading of old housing areas

Led by:  PD Dr. Matthias Schmidt
Team:  Dipl.-Geogr. Bilge Tutkunkardes, PD Dr. Matthias Schmidt
Year:  2014
Funding:  German Research Foundation (DFG)
Duration:  2011 - 2014
Is Finished:  yes

DFG-LogoThe heterogeneity of society becomes increasingly noticeable within the population with a migration background. Considering a second and third generation of migrants living in Germany today, it is necessary to differentiate between socio-economic status, level of integration, living conditions, lifestyles and housing preferences. The geographical interest lies in the analysis of how and to what extent the population with a migration background is spatially effective and in which ways this affects the urban housing market.

The aim of the project is to study the role of high-achieving migrants in the upgrading of old housing areas in Germany with the example of two urban districts. It is to examine whether the terms and concepts generally accepted in gentrification research are applicable to an upgrading produced by migrants. Discrepancies from the theoretical concept are to be identified, analyzed and modified concerning the construction of cultural identities. The impacts of gentrification are examined with regard to structural, social and infrastructural changes within the neighbourhood and its perception in the overall urban context.

Furthermore, the project will contribute to a differentiated understanding of the population with a migration background with regard to their housing market specific characteristics in order to take them into account adequately in local politics and urban planning and in order to cater for their needs in the housing market (e.g., residential location behaviour, housing preferences, housing market, investments).


  • Tutkunkardes, B. (2013): Identitätskonstruktionen türkeistämmiger Migranten im Gentrificationsprozess. In: Berichte. Geographie und Landeskunde 87, 2, S. 135-155