Vorträge der Sozial- und Kulturgeographie – RC21 in Athen und RGS-IBG in Newcastle

Contributions of Social and Cultural Geography – RC21 in Athens and RGS-IBG in Newcastle

The international sociology conference RC21 of the Research Committee 21 on Urban and Regional Development of the International Sociological Association (ISA) took place in Athens from 24 to 26 August under the title “Ordinary Cities in exceptional times”. In the panel “Nurturing urban solidarities in exceptional times” of the Urban Studies Institute Antwerp, Angelina Göb presented a paper on “(Dis)cohesion in urban neighbourhoods - negotiating solidarities in daily encounters”, which refers to the joint research with Peter Dirksmeier as part of the project “Cohesion in and through neighbourhoods” of the Research Institute Social Cohesion (RISC). From 30 August to 2 September, Angelina Göb presented current results from the RISC-project “Spaces of Encounter and Cohesion” at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference - AC2022 “Geographies beyond recovery” in Newcastle. In the panel of Alan Latham and Jack Layton (Department of Geography, University College, London), she presented and discussed the relevance of social infrastructures for local cohesion under the title “Neighbourhood libraries as social infrastructure”.