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33rd Annual Conference of the AK Industrial Geography: New scientific presentations

33rd Annual Conference of the AK Industrial Geography: New scientific presentations

Four Economic Geographers from Hannover presented at the 33. Conference of AK Industriegeographie, which took place mid of November in Wiesbaden-Naurod.

Johannes von Bloh held a presentation titles “The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of the Region of Hanover – Results from a new data source”. The presented methodology for capturing quantitative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem data was developed in close cooperation with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and used for the first time in 2018.

Anna-Barbara Heindl reported on the opportunities and constraints of the "Analytic Hierarchy Process" (AHP) as a method to capture Regional Innovation Systems. Drawing on empirical results from her research in China, she first assessed the transferability of the Multi Criteria Decision Making tool to empirical social research before discussing the use of the AHP to pre-structure areas of research.

Tatjana Bennat presented first results of her ongoing working paper „Geography of knowledge bases in German regions: What hinders combinatorial knowledge dynamics.” Showing the specialization on a specific knowledge base in German regions, she analyses which factors do hamper the exchange between the three knowledge bases in practice.

Kerstin J. Schaefer presented her paper titled “Unveiling learning-by-hiring -  die Rolle ausländischer FuE Experten im globalen Aufholprozess”, which deals with the role of offshore experts in the catch-up process of Huawei Technologies. The study shows that the offshore experts create innovative ideas which their Chinese colleague then use to develop new products, creating a spatial split between research and development.