Workshop zu Advanced Frugal Innovation in Hannover

Workshop on Advanced Frugal Innovation was held in Hannover

© Barnikol, J., 2022 © Barnikol, J., 2022 © Barnikol, J., 2022
© Barnikol, J., 2022

From 28.09.2022 to 29.09.2022 the first workshop on Advanced Frugal Innovation was held in Hannover. As hosts, Prof. Ingo Liefner and ICCR Chair for Indian Studies Prof. Balkrishna Rao welcomed internationally leading scientists in the field of Frugal Innovation from Germany and the Netherlands. In addition, representatives from the Faculties of Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Geodesy at LUH participated, along with Economic Geography. The workshop took place in the premises of Werkhof near Schneiderberg.

During the workshop, the state and future of the research field of Advanced Frugal Innovation and Frugal Innovation were discussed. Different perspectives as well as new findings in the research field were presented and afterwards discussed in a lively and constructive way. In particular, the workshop benefited from the interdisciplinary exchange between social scientists and engineers. Bringing together the perspectives of these disciplines is a rarity not only in this research field, but is of great benefit to the research field.

In addition to the scientific exchange, the workshop also provided a basis for further publications and research. Thus, in addition to joint publications, the work on joint interdisciplinary research proposals is also a result of the workshop. Based on this, further workshops are planned to intensify the cooperation between LUH and IITM in the future and to advance the research field.

The workshop is an essential result of the stay of Balkrishna Rao. Balkrishna Rao has been working as ICCR-Professor for Indian Studies at our institute since June. Besides the workshop, his stay included various lectures, company visits and the development of new research topics. In October he will return to the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (Chennai). We would like to the ICCR for the support as well as Prof. Rao for his commitment, the discussions, the joint research and learning.