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Textbook “Nachhaltige Wirtschaftsgeographie” has been published

Textbook “Nachhaltige Wirtschaftsgeographie” has been published

The new textbook „Nachhaltige Wirtschaftsgeographie“ by Ingo Liefner and Sebastian Losacker has recently been published and is already available in stores. The textbook is aimed at geography students (esp. economic geography), but is also useful for students of other disciplines (environmental economics, environmental policy studies, etc.). In the book, two dimensions of sustainability are explained from an economic geography perspective:

    (1) Intragenerative equality (socio-economic dimension) and
    (2) Intergenerative equality (ecological dimension)

In addition to traditional topics of industrial geography (e.g. location structure, regional polarisation) and innovation geography (e.g. knowledge flows, regional innovation systems, multinational companies), current topics of geographical transition research are addressed (e.g. multi-level perspective, environmental innovations). All chapters consist of contributions to theory, empirics and policy.

The textbook is currently available free of charge for university lecturers via UTB's lecturer service.

The authors would like to thank Jens Horbach, Jannika Mattes, Kerstin Nolte and Daniel Schiller for comments on the content, Lennart Grün for editorial support and Stephan Pohl for preparing all illustrations and maps.