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IIDEOS Colloquium: New scientific presentations

IIDEOS Colloquium: New scientific presentations

Three Economic Geographers from Hannover presented at the IIDEOS Colloquium, which is an abbreviation for "Innovation, Industrial Dynamics, Entrepreneurship, Organisation and Space":

Tatjana Bennat presented new findings from her current research project InDUI, which contributes to an extension of measuring instruments of innovation activities. She shows how the results of a qualitative research phase are now integrated into a quantitative questionnaire.

Together with an inter-disciplinary team of psychologists and geographers, Lars Mewes analyzes the influence of innovation-friendly cultures on the emergence of high-impact inventions. The team aggregates individual personality trait data to the level of metropolitan areas in the US to approximate regional cultures. Their results indicate that regional openness is important to explain regional differences of high-impact inventions.

Kerstin J. Schäfer presented new findings from her current study on the flow of innovative ideas from western center of state-of-the-art knowledge to emerging markets under the title "Give us ideas!" - Bridging lack of innovativeness through R&D internationalization? She finds that in her case study of Huawei Technologies the time until transfer of ideas is significantly shorter for ideas originated in western markets than those from the company's home market.