Neue Publikation zur Night Time Economy in Berlin

New Publication "Night Time Economy in Berlin"

As the night-time economy gains relevance in discourses on Berlin''s urban development, ‘the night'' has become a contested term. Night-time use of public space is the object of growing public dissatisfaction, especially in certain areas of the borough Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. This paper written by Henning Füller, Ilse Helbrecht, Sebastian Schlüter, Ulrike Mackrodt, Peter van Gielle Ruppe, Carolin Genz, Beatrice Walthall and Peter Dirksmeier published with Geoforum looks at the governance arrangement that evolves in response to this problematisation through the lens of one specific project – the fair.kiez project, which gathered a broad coalition of actors to moderate conflicts about the proper use of ‚the night‘. As their main result, the authors suggest that this project is exemplary for a specific un-governing of recent conflicts between residents and economic interests in an entertainment and consumption-oriented city economy.

Füller, H.; Helbrecht, I.; Schlüter, S.; Mackrodt, U.; van Gielle Ruppe, P.; Genz, C.; Walthall, B.; Dirksmeier, P. (2018): Manufacturing marginality. (Un-)governing the night in Berlin. Geoforum 94, S. 24-32. DOI: 10.1016/j.geoforum.2018.05.022