Neue Publikation: GEM-Länderbericht Deutschland 2020/21

New Publication: GEM Country Report Germany 2020/21

© RKW, 2021

Entrepreneurship in Germany and 43 other countries in 2020 are the subject of the new country report Germany just published by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the world's largest research consortium on entrepreneurship. The authors, GEM team leader Rolf Sternberg, Lennard Stolz (both Hanover), Matthias Wallisch, Natalia Gorynia-Pfeffer, Julia Schauer, Simone Chlosta and Armin Baharian (RKW, Eschborn), describe in detail Germany's comparative strengths and weaknesses in entrepreneurial activities and attitudes as well as entrepreneurial framework conditions, based on statistically representative surveys of the population and assessments by selected entrepreneurship experts. The report pays special attention to the effects of the ongoing pandemic on entrepreneurship in Germany, also in international comparison.

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