Neue Publikation: Catching-up by Hiring: The Case of Huawei

New Publication: Catching-up by Hiring: The Case of Huawei

[Translate to English:] © Schäfer, K.J.; Kartographie: Stephan Pohl

How did Huawei’s atypical R&D internationalization strategy foster its global competitiveness? New research by Kerstin J. Schaefer shows how catching-up by hiring can help access established industries. Taking the perspective of offshore experts, she shows how their skills and global embeddedness helped the Chinese MNE to fight liabilities of outsidership and of origin – and successively provided access to the established telecommunications industry. The paper is published in Journal of International Business Studies and is available as an open access publication thanks to project DEAL.

Schaefer, K. J. (2020): Catching-up by Hiring: The Case of Huawei. Journal of International Business Studies.
DOI: 10.1057/s41267-019-00299-5