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New Presentation: "Transport disrupted"

New Presentation: "Transport disrupted"

© Dr. K. J. Schaefer © Dr. K. J. Schaefer © Dr. K. J. Schaefer
© Dr. K. J. Schaefer

Former public transport passenger increasingly using the car as transportation during the current pandemic is a crucial problem facing the current climate crises.

A survey condcuted in the Region of Hanover showas that in particular high-income participants tend to use their car. In contrast, people that now increasingly use their bike come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. They are characterized by a high level of eco-consciousness which emphasizes the importance of environmental education for sustainable transport behavior. These results were presented at the annual meeting of the Pegasus Network in a presentation titled: "Transport disrupted – substituting public transport by bike or car under COVID-19". This research is a joint project with Dr. Leonie Tuitjer.