Neue Promotion am Institut: Lennard Stolz

New PhD defense: Lennard Stolz

© L. Stolz, 2022

On september 27th, 2022, Lennard Stolz successfully defended his dissertation on “Enabling entrepreneurship at the regional level: An analysis of entrepreneurial ecosystems and their elements using a meta-analysis and an in-depth study of start-up competitions”.

The disputation was led by Prof. Peter Dirksmeier. Additional examiners were Prof. Rolf Sternberg (University Hannover) and Prof. Klaus Fichter (University Oldenburg and Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability).

The cumulative dissertation of Lennard Stolz was focused on entrepreneurial ecosystems with a particular focus on the elements of entrepreneurial ecosystems and their relevance for the overall quality of the ecosystem.

The full dissertation is available here: