Im Zuge des neuen Double-Degree-Masterstudiengangs war das IWKG-Team zu Besuch in Groningen

In the course of the new double-degree Master's programme, the IWKG team visited Groningen

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Happy birthday! The new Double-Degree Master's programme with the University of Groningen will officially open this semester. For this reason, the IWKG team paid a short visit to our colleagues in Groningen. This not only gave us the opportunity to get to know our colleagues in Groningen and the study location itself better, but also to exchange and discuss teaching approaches, ideas and the ongoing organisation of the programme. We are very much looking forward to the experiences of the first students of the double degree track.

In the Double Degree Master in Economic Geography, students can study two semesters each in Hanover and Groningen and thus take a wide range of topics and contents with them into their later working lives, as well as securing two degrees at the same time. Further information can be found at Economic Geography: Double Degree