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Human geographers from Hanover at the German Congress for Geography (DKG)

Human geographers from Hanover at the German Congress for Geography (DKG)

Small but excellent was the motto of the small group of human geographers who represented the Institute at the bi-annual German Congress for Geography (DKG) in Kiel late September.

In her lecture on places of remembrance from a geographical perspective Elena Hubner considered, why cultural geographers should not think in terms of cultural memory in the sense of A. und J. Assmann, but of a memory of structures of feeling (R. Williams).

Karolin Kautzschmann presented the results of a project, Sbg Airbnb, on short-term rentals in Salzburg with Angela Hof. In a second talk, she discussed a theoretical approach on financialization processes of the built environment in countries of the global south.

In a session on "spaces of entrepreneurship" Rolf Sternberg provided a presentation entitled "From business incubators to coworking spaces - an interim review after three deacdes of regional entrepreneurship research in Germany". During the afternoon of the same day he opened a special event organised by him and Martina Fuchs (Cologne) on "Digitisation – spatial consequences for entrepreneurship and firms' innovations: Geographies in the year 2050" with a kick-off presentation on the same topic. Finally, invited by the coordinators Boris Braun (Cologne) und Robert Hassink (Kiel) on Friday afternoon he participated in a lively panel debate entitled "Human geography in the German-speaking world: between  international-scientific and national-institutional constraints".