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44. ISEG: Evolving Regional Economies. Resources, Specialization, Globalization. | Prof. Martin Henning

44. ISEG: Evolving Regional Economies. Resources, Specialization, Globalization. | Prof. Martin Henning

Prof. Martin Henning, Department of Business Administration, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Programm und Ablauf des Seminars

14. - 18.11.2022 jeweils von 16:00-19:00 Uhr

  1. Session (14. November 2022):
    Foundations of Evolutionary Economic Geography

    • Boschma, R. A.; Frenken, K. (2006): Why is economic geography not an evolutionary science? Towards an evolutionary economic geography. Journal of economic geography, 6(3), 273-302.
    • Henning, M. (2019): Time should tell (more): Evolutionary economic geography and the challenge of history. Regional Studies, 53(4), 602-613. 
  2. Session  (15. November 2022 ):
    Time geography and the evolutionary ontology

    • Hägerstrand, T. (1970): What about people in Regional Science? Papers in Regional Science 24:1 (7-24)
    • Neffke, F.; Hartog, M.; Boschma, R.; Henning, M. (2018): Agents of structural change: The role of firms and entrepreneurs in regional diversification. Economic Geography, 94(1), 23-48.
  3. Session  (16. November 2022 ):
    Resources and resource dynamics

    • Barney, J. (1991): Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage. Journal of management, 17(1), 99-120.
    • Trippl, M.; Grillitsch, M.; Isaksen, A. (2018): Exogenous sources of regional industrial change: Attraction and absorption of non-local knowledge for new path development. Progress in human geography, 42(5), 687-705. 
  4. Session  (17. November 2022 ):
    Agglomerations, path dependency and radical change

    • Neffke, F.; Henning, M. (2013): Skill relatedness and firm diversification. Strategic Management Journal, 34(3), 297-316.
    • Neffke, F.; Henning, M.; Boschma, R. (2011): "How do regions diversify over time? Industry relatedness and the development of new growth paths in regions." Economic geography 87.3, 237-265.
  5. Session (18. November 2022 ):
    Evolutionary economic geography, time geography and globalization

    • Balland, P. A.; Boschma, R.; Crespo, J.; Rigby, D. L. (2019): Smart specialization policy in the European Union: relatedness, knowledge complexity and regional diversification. Regional studies, 53(9), 1252-1268.
    • Boschma, R. (2022): Global value chains from an evolutionary economic geography perspective: a research agenda. Area Development and Policy, 1-24.