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41. ISEG: Multinationals, globalisation and regional inequalities | Prof. Simona Iammarino

41. ISEG: Multinationals, globalisation and regional inequalities | Prof. Simona Iammarino

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Prof.  Simona Iammarino vom Department of Geography and Environment, The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, hält vom 05. bis zum 09.07.2021 täglich von 16:00 bis 19:00 Uhr die Vortragsreihe „Multinationals, globalisation and regional inequalities”.

Programm und Ablauf

  1. Session (05. Juli 2021): Multinational Enterprises and their geography: definitions, theories and trends
    • Crescenzi, R. and Iammarino, S. (2017): Global investments and regional development trajectories: the missing links, Regional Studies, 51(1): 97-115.
    • Iammarino S. and McCann P. (2013): Multinationals and Economic Geography. Location, Technology, and Innovation, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham UK and Northampton (MA) USA, Chapters 1 & 2.
  2. Session (06. Juli 2021): MNEs in global-local production and innovation networks
    • Coe, N.M. and Yeung, H.W.C. (2019): Global production networks: mapping recent conceptual developments. Journal of Economic Geography, 19(4), 775-801
    • Ernst, D., Kim, L. (2002): Global production networks, knowledge diffusion and local capability formation, Research Policy 31 (8–9), 1417–1429.
    • Iammarino S. and McCann P. (2018): Network geographies and geographical networks. Co-dependence and co-evolution of Multinational Enterprises and space, Chapter 19 in G.L. Clark, M.P. Feldman, M.S. Gertler, and D. Wójcik (Eds), The New Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
    • Pietrobelli, C. and Rabellotti, R. (2011): Global value chains meet innovation systems: are there learning opportunities for developing countries? World development, 39(7),1261-1269.
  3. Session (07. Juli 2021): The impact of MNEs on local economic development: perspective 1
    • Cantwell J.A. and Iammarino S. (2001): EU Regions and Multinational Corporations: Change, Stability and Strengthening of Technological Comparative Advantages, Industrial and Corporate Change, 10, 4,1007-1037.
    • Comotti, S., Crescenzi, R. and Iammarino, S. (2020): Foreign direct investment, global value chains and regional economic development in Europe, European Commission, DG Regio:
    • Gagliardi L., Iammarino, S. and Rodriguez-Pose A.: Exposure to OFDI and regional labour markets: Evidence for routine and non-routine jobs in Great Britain, Journal of Economic Geography, lbaa040,
    • Iammarino, S. (2018): FDI and regional development policy, Journal of International Business Policy, 1: 3-4, pp. 157-183,
  4. Session (08. Juli 2021): The impact of MNEs on local economic development: perspective 2
    • Diemer, A., Iammarino, S., Perkins, R. and Gros, A.: Technology and geography in a paradigm shift: the case of Critical & Conflict Materials in ICT, mimeo, LSE (will be provided later).
    • Giuliani, E. and Macchi, C. (2014): Multinational corporations’ economic and human rights impacts on developing countries: a review and research agenda, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 38:2, 479–517.
    • Grabs, J. and Ponte, S. (2019): The evolution of power in the global coffee value chain and production network, Journal of Economic Geography, 19, 4, 803–828. Poster session: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) or window dressing (e.g. CocaCola, Samsung)?
  5. Session (09. Juli 2021): Geographical inequality and Globalisation: agglomeration economies or MNE monopoly power?
    • Feldman, M., Guy, F. and Iammarino, S. (2020): Regional income disparities, monopoly & finance, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, rsaa024,
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