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37. ISEG: Economic Impacts of Regional Development Policies | Prof. Attila Varga

37. ISEG: Economic Impacts of Regional Development Policies | Prof. Attila Varga

Prof. Attila Varga,  University of Pécs, Ungar.

Programm und Ablauf des Seminars

19. - 23.11.2018 jeweils von 16:00-19:00 Uhr

  1. Session (19. November 2018):
    What is economic impact assessment? Why is it necessary for policy effectiveness?
    • Assessing territorial impacts: Operational guidance on how to assess regional and local impacts within the Commission Impact Assessment System. European Commission, Brussels, 17.1.2013
    • Pieńkowski, J., Berkowitz, B. (2015) Econometric assessments of Cohesion Policy growth effects: How to make them more relevant for policy makers? Regional Working Paper, WP 02/2015

  2. Session (20. November 2018):
    The most common approaches in Economic Impact Analysis (EIA)
      • Bradley, J., Untiedt, G., Zaleski, J. (2009) The Economic Return of Cohesion Expenditure for Member States. European Parliament Directorate General for Internal Policies Policy Department B: Structural And Cohesion Policies
      • Schalk, H., Varga, A. (2004) The economic effects of EU Community Support Framework interventions. An ex-ante impact analysis with EcoRET, a macroeconomic model for Hungary. Center of Applied Economic Research Münster (CAWM), University of Münster, Münster.
      • Partridge, M., Rickman, D. (2012) Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modelling for Regional Economic Development Analysis. Regional Studies, 44:10, 1311-1328
      • Ratto, M., Roeger, W., in 't Veld, J. (2008) QUEST III: An estimated DSGE model of the euro area with fiscal and monetary policy.
      • Brandsma, A.. Kancs, D. (2015) RHOMOLO: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Modelling Approach to the Evaluation of the European Union's R&D Policies. Regional Studies, 49:8, 1340-1359.

    • Session (21. November 2018):
      Challenges in assessing the impacts of modern regional development policies
      • Varga, A., Schalk, H. (2004) Knowledge spillovers, agglomeration and macroeconomic growth. An empirical approach. Regional Studies 38, 977-989
      • Varga, A. (2006) The Spatial Dimension of Innovation and Growth: Empirical Research Methodology and Policy Analysis. European Planning Studies 9, 1171-1186
      • Varga, A. (2017) Place-based, Spatially Blind, or Both? Challenges in Estimating the Impacts of Modern Development Policies: The Case of the GMR Policy Impact Modeling Approach. International Regional Science Review 40, 12-37.
      • Varga, A., Szerb, L., Szabó, N., Sebestyén, T. (2018) Estimating the economic impacts of knowledge network and entrepreneurship development in smart specialisation policy. Regional Studies (forthcoming)

    • Session (22. November 2018):
      A model under a microscope: GMR-Europe
      • Varga, A., Sebestyén, T., Szabó, N., Szerb, L. (2018) Economic Impact assessment of Entrepreneurship policies with the GMR-Europe Model. FIRES H2020 project report

    • Session (23. November 2018):
      Impact modeling in practice: hands-on experience