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29. ISEG: Causes and effecs of entrepreneurship from a multilevel perspective | Prof. Dr. Jonathan Levie

29. ISEG: Causes and effecs of entrepreneurship from a multilevel perspective | Prof. Dr. Jonathan Levie

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Levie,  University of Strathclyde Business School, UK.

Programm und Ablauf des Seminars

01. - 05.12.2014 jeweils von 16:00-19:00 Uhr

Scene-setting papers:

  • Shepherd, D.A. (2010): Multilevel Entrepreneurship Research: Opportunities for Studying Entrepreneurial Decision Making. Journal of Management 37: 412-420
  • Autio, E., Kenney, M., Mustar, P., Siegel, D. and Wright, M. (2014): Entrepreneurial Innovation: The importance of context. Research Policy 43(7): 1097-1108.

  1. Session (01. Dezember): The individual level
    • Zhao, H., Seibert, S.E., and Lumpkin, G.T. (2010): The relationship of personality to entrepreneurial intentions and performance: A meta-analytic review. Journal of Management 36(2): 381-404.
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  2. Session (02. Dezember): The national level
    • Levie, J. and Autio, E. (2011): Regulatory Burden, Rule of Law, and Strategic Entry of Entrepreneurs: An international panel study. Journal of Management Studies Vol.48, No.6, pp 1392-1419.
    • Stenholm, P., Acs, Z. J., & Wuebker, R. (2013): Exploring Country-Level Institutional Arrangements on the Rate and Type of Entrepreneurial Activity. Journal of Business Venturing, 28(1), 176-193.
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  3. Session (03. Dezember): The regional level
    • Bosma, N. and Schutjens, V. (2011): Understanding regional variation in entrepreneurial activity and entrepreneurial attitude in Europe. Annals of Regional Science 47:711–742.
    • Ewald Kibler (2013): Formation of entrepreneurial intentions in a regional context, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development: An International Journal, 25:3-4, 293-323.
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    • Stuetzer, M. Obschonka, M., Brixy, U., Sternberg, R. and Cantner, U. (2014):  Regional characteristics, opportunity perception and entrepreneurial activities. Small Business Economics 42:221–244

  4. Session (04. Dezember): The local level
    • Breitenecker, R.J. and Harms, R. (2010): Dealing With Spatial Heterogeneity in Entrepreneurship Research Organizational Research Methods, 13(1): 176-191
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    • Bosma, N., and Sternberg, R. (2014): Entrepreneurship as an Urban Event? Empirical Evidence from European Cities. Regional Studies 48:6, 1016-1033.

  5. Session (05. Dezember): The multi-level perspective
    • Autio, E. and Acs, Z. (2010): Intellectual Property Protection and the formation of Entrepreneurial Growth Aspriations. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 4: 234-251.
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