Wirtschaftsgeographie Hannover auf der RSA Winter Conference in London und dem AK Industriegeographie in Wiesbaden

Our department at the RSA Winter Conference in London and at the AK Industriegeographie in Wiesbaden

© S. Losacker, 2022

RSA Winter Conference:

Kerstin J. Schäfer and Sebastian Losacker participated in the RSA Winter Conference in London from November 10-11.

Sebastian Losacker organized two special sessions together with colleagues. One session focused on the decarbonization of industry ("Place-based Approaches to Industrial Decarbonisation") and one session aimed at discussing new methodological approaches in regional transition research ("Researching Sustainability Transitions Across Methodological Divides"). In the latter session, Sebastian Losacker gave a presentation entitled "Using Social Sequence Analysis in Regional Studies" on how sequence analysis can be applied in regional research.

Kerstin J. Schäfer chaired a session on the transformation of regions entitled "Regions in Transitions: Actors, Tools and Trajectories."

AK Industriegeographie:

Hendrik Hansmeier, Sebastian Losacker, Christoph Friedrich, and Chris Brück attended the 37th Annual Meeting of the AK Industrial Geography in Naurod-Niedernhausen from November 24-25, representing Hannover Economic Geography with four presentations.

Hendrik Hansmeier shared his research on environmental innovation titled "Regional Perspectives on Eco-Innovation Actors: Insights from the Transport Sector in Germany". Sebastian Losacker presented initial research impulses on "Socio-Technical Transformation Processes in the Construction Sector and the Role of the Bioeconomy".

Chris Brück showed research results on China's green and digital transition under the title "China's green and digital transformation: insights from national and regional policy". Christoph Friedrich presented his conceptual research on "STI and DUI modes of innovation in peripheral regions. Systemic failures and challenges in different types of less developed RIS".