Vorträge der Sozial- und Kulturgeographie – in Darmstadt (Schader-Stiftung), Dortmund (DOKORP) und Bremen (FGZ Jahrestagung, Cluster 2)

Contributions of Social and Cultural Geography – in Darmstadt (Schader Foundation), Dortmund (DOKORP) and Bremen (FGZ Annual Conference, Cluster 2)

Source: Angelina Göb (Darmstadt, Schader-Stiftung)

In cooperation with the Schader Foundation, Angelina Göb organised the public event “Libraries as Places of Encounter” on 08.02.2023 and introduced the discussion on social infrastructures with her presentation entiteld “Libraries don't pay off, but they do. On the value of libraries in and for the city and society.” This was accompanied by a participatory photo exhibition that revealed insights into private libraries and their oral histories.

Based on the research project “Spaces of Encounter and Cohesion” at the Research Institute Social Cohesion (RISC), Angelina Göb also presented a paper on the same subject at the RISC annual conference of Cluster 2 under the title “Structures, Spaces and Milieus of Cohesion” on 03.03.2023 and addressed the importance of public libraries for local community life through her empirical research on the headline “Places for the People.”

Angelina Göb explained how fundamental neighbourhoods are for the experience of cohesion at the 6th Dortmund Conference on Spatial and Planning Research (DOKORP) in the session Neighbourhood and Urban Area Development with her contribution “Sustainable neighbourhoods, sustainable neighbouring?! - Practices of (dis)cohesive living together in urban neighbourhoods” on 13.02.2023 to present initial findings from the FGZ project “Neighbourhood Studies” conducted with Peter Dirksmeier.