Zwei Beiträge des Instituts zur Veranstaltung „MoveMe? Mobilität neu tun!“

Two contributions of the Institute to the event „MoveMe? Mobilität neu tun!“

© T. Kleiner-Schäfer, 2021

At the „MoveMe? Mobilität neu tun!“ event for mobility research in the Hanover region, Silas Föhr presented the research project "Digital Access to Mobility - Who benefits?" with a poster and entered into dialogue with interested guests. The research project deals with the increasingly digital access to mobility through mobility apps. It investigates to what extent transport-related social exclusion might be amplified and how citizens should be involved in the development and introduction process of such apps.

As a further contribution to the event, Dr. Kerstin Schäfer presented as a panelist her research results on the changed mobility behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic. A survey in the Hanover region shows that especially rather younger respondents and mothers with an academic degree abstained from mobility in spring and summer 2020. However, women without a degree and without children tended to remain very mobile during the crisis. Concerning the means of transport used, the car and the bicycle, in particular, have become more attractive, while public transport was used significantly less often. The study was conducted in cooperation with Dr. Leonie Tuitjer and Prof. Meike Levin-Keitel.