Das neue CHE-Hochschulranking: Gute Rangplätze für Hannovers Geographie

The new CHE University ranking: Good rankings for Hannover's Geography

© R. Sternberg, 2021

The CHE University Ranking regularly compares Germany's universities and technical colleges with regard to their teaching and research performance in selected subjects, based on survey data of students and lecturers, publication databases and other sources. The most recent ranking also takes geography into account, with data from 27 German universities.

On the student side, only bachelor students in the 3rd to 8th semester were surveyed (excluding student teachers). The rankings reflect the assessment of geography at each location as a whole, i.e., they do not distinguish between physical, cultural or economic geography, which can have very specific strengths and weaknesses at each location. In the area of teaching, Hannover's geography is particularly well above the national average for the "general study situation," the international orientation of the courses offered, the quality of the organization of studies, and the recognition of credits earned abroad. In the area of research, Hannover is one of the leading geography locations in Germany in terms of research funds acquired. Unsurprisingly for lecturers and students in Hannover, however, the premises of the two geography institutes in Schneiderberg 50 receive rather negative ratings. The detailed results for each of the 31 indicators can be found here.

Leibniz University Hannover's press release on the latest CHE university ranking