Ergebnisse der Alumnibefragung 2020 der Wirtschaftsgeographie in Hannover

Results of the Alumni Survey 2020 of the Economic Geography Department Leibniz University Hannover

© R. Sternberg, 2021

For a good 20 years, the Economic Geography Department of Leibniz University Hannover has surveyed its alumni every four years about their professional activities and ex-post evaluation of their studies. The data for the latest survey in fall 2020 are based on a sample of 403 persons (response rate 59%). This excellent data basis allows statistically representative statements, differentiated both by the highest degree received at Hannover (49% Diplom, 13% Bachelor Geography, 26% Master Economic Geography, 10% PhD or habilitation) and by graduation years or gender. Overall, the data confirm the strategic path of economic geography in Hannover for a good two decades: in research-oriented teaching, students acquire the practical skills they need when they later enter the profession. A set of slides (only in german) summary of the key findings shows the detailed results of the survey, and a text file provides a two-page summary of the key findings (only in german).