Präsentation von Seminararbeiten durch Studierende auf der internationalen TVSEP-Konferenz

Presentation of seminar papers by students at the international TVSEP conference

© L. Worbs, N. Schäder, S. Bauerochse, 2022

The international "Thailand Vietnam Socio-Economic Panel" (TVSEP) conference on "Shocks and resilience in rural Southeast Asia" took place in Göttingen on May 23-24. The master students Steffen Bauerochse, Nicolas Schäder and Leon Worbs were allowed to participate in this conference with their seminar paper, which they had previously worked on in the summer semester of 2021 as part of the project seminar "Research with Quantitative Data" under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kerstin Nolte and Dr. Kerstin Schäfer.

The seminar paper "Entrepreneurship in the Northeast of Thailand - A statistical analysis based on the TVSEP data set" was presented to the attending researchers (mainly from Germany, Vietnam and Thailand) in a poster session on the first conference day in the afternoon and discussed in a small setting. The students also participated in the "Best Student Paper Award" at the conference, but unfortunately could not prevail among the large number of research papers submitted.

The aim of the paper was to find out, with the help of the TVSEP panel wave of 2019, which variables influence the decision to start a business in three selected rural, agrarian provinces in Thailand, and to what extent the motive for starting a business (starting a business by seizing a previously unexploited market potential versus starting a business out of necessity), in addition to other socio-demographic factors, have an impact on business success. In particular, it could be revealed that the presence of business foundation experience in the family environment has a significant influence on both the probability of founding a business and its success.

The conference provided excellent insight into the current research that builds on the TVSEP dataset, and also gave a good impression of how numerous PhD students present, discuss, network, and cheer each other on to continue to excel at such a conference.

If interested, the program can be downloaded from the TVSEP homepage.

The poster was displayed in seminar room V309 at the Institute.

Published by L. Worbs, S. Bauerochse, N. Schäder