Neues Lehrbuch zur Nachhaltigen Wirtschaftsgeographie erscheint im Herbst

New textbook on sustainable economic geography to be published in October

Ingo Liefner and Sebastian Losacker from the Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography will publish a new textbook entitled "Sustainable Economic Geography" this fall. The textbook targets geography students (esp. economic geography), but will also be useful for students of other disciplines (environmental economics, environmental political science, etc.). The book explicates two dimensions of sustainability from an economic geography perspective:

  • (1) intragenerative equity (socioeconomic dimension) and
  • (2) intergenerative equity (ecological dimension).

In addition to conventional topics of industrial geography (e.g., location structure, regional polarization) and innovation geography (e.g., knowledge flows, regional innovation systems, multinational enterprises), current topics of geographic transition research are addressed (e.g., multi-level perspective, environmental innovations). All chapters include information on theory, empirics and policy.