Neues Forschungsprojek: Umsetzungsbedingungen für Frugalität in Innovationsprozessen

New research project on the implementation conditions for frugality in innovation processes

© Julian Barnikol © Julian Barnikol © Julian Barnikol
© Julian Barnikol

The research project “Implementation conditions of frugality in innovation processes” has been running since mid-October under the direction of Prof. Liefner. Together with the cooperation partner Prof. Rao (IIT Madras, Chennai), the project aims to investigate which factors favor or hinder the implementation of frugal principles in innovation processes. Frugal innovations can make an important contribution to a more sustainable economy and improve the livability of low-income population segments. The project is funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture and is scheduled to run for three years. Julian Barnikol, who has been working at LUH since October, will work on the project.