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Dr. Leonie Tuitjer: New publications in cultural geography

Dr. Leonie Tuitjer: New publications in cultural geography

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In two recent publications, Leonie Tuitjer explores urban life in Bangkok from two distinct vantage points. The article “Searching Refuge in Thailand or Brazil: Long-Distance Refugees and the Emergence of Global Asylum Hubs in Middle-Income Countries” in the Journal of Refugee Studies (with Quentin Batréau) uses UNHCR data to document the diversification of asylum routes over the 1987–2017 period. The paper presents two cases studies, from Thailand (focusing on Bangkok) and from Brazil, to illustrate the radical diversity of refugee management models adopted by middle-income countries.

In the second paper “Exploring urban verticality during the 2011 flood in Bangkok, Thailand” published in Area, Leonie Tuitjer draws on qualitative data to attend to ad‐hoc coping practices of a diverse city population during the 2011 flood in the Thai capital. The paper stages a conversation between established literature on urban flood vulnerability and coping with an emerging interest in vertical urbanism literature.