Jahrestreffen des AK Geographische Migrationsforschung: Infrastrukturen und Migration

Annual meeting of the AK Geographische Migrationsforschung: Infrastructures and Migration

© Dr. L. Tuitjer, 2021

From first to third of July the annual meeting of the AK Geographische Migrationsforschung on the topic of infrastructures and migration took place at the University of Heidelberg. The meeting was organized by PD Dr Anna Lisa Müller (University of Heidelberg) and Dr Leonie Tuitjer (IWKG). In a total of 12 presentations and a key note by the internationally renowned migration researcher Isabel Solange Muñoz (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), the different levels of meaning of infrastructures in the migration process were discussed and several empirical contributions were presented. The organization and participation in the conference of Dr. Tuitjer was made possible by the Graduate Academy of Leibniz Universität Hannover through a grant in the funding line "Contacts, Networks, Careers".