Jahreskonferenz der Royal Geographic Society

Annual Conference of the Royal Geographic Society

From 31.08. to 03.09. the annual conference of the Royal Geographic Society took place online. The Institute of Economic and Cultural Geographic (IWKG) was represented with a session (organized by Peter Dirksmeier, Lars Mewes and Leonie Tuitjer) entitled "Exploring climate change Perceptions: From Awareness to Efficacy". Three papers by colleagues from Italy, Germany and the USA were presented and offered insights on different aspects of attitudes and perceptions of climate change among US Republicans and people affected by climate change in Senegal. The organized session received sponsorship from the RGS Climate Change Research Group, which serves as a coordination and networking base for climate change researchers in the UK and beyond. Furthermore, Leonie Tuitjer gave a presentation entitled "Re-thinking the relation between climate change and (im)mobility through a mobility justice lens" in a session on "Geographies of Displacement".