43. International Seminar in Economic Geography (ISEG)

43rd International Seminar in Economic Geography (ISEG)

© S. Pohl, 2022

The first, and possibly only, hybrid International Seminar in Economic Geography (ISEG) was held at our Institute during the week of June 20-24, 2022. Our guest, Prof. Neil Lee from the London School of Economics (LSE), who titled the seminar "Entrepreneurship and Economic Geography", gave a broad overview of the role of entrepreneurship for regional development. In addition to classic economic geography topics, such as the regional economic determinants and effects of start-ups, Neil Lee was also able to inspire the 15 students with the relevance of networks and psychological traits of entrepreneurs.

Since our guest had to deal with flight cancellations, the first day of the seminar had to take place spontaneously via video conference, but all participants adapted to this in an exemplary manner. When Prof. Lee then arrived in Hanover on Tuesday, the joy about the face-to-face event was all the greater. The permanently high temperatures in Hanover were finally counteracted with ice cream. Our thanks go to all students for their valuable contributions to the seminar, and especially to our guest for his interesting and activating lectures.