42. International Seminar in Economic Geography (ISEG)

42nd International Seminar in Economic Geography (ISEG)

© S. Pohl, 2021

Finally the time had come: after three semesters without an International Seminar in Economic Geography (ISEG) in attendance, we were once again able to personally welcome a foreign guest to the Institute, Prof. Koen Frenken from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands). From 15 to 19 November, Koen Frenken, one of the co-founders of the concept of evolutionary economic geography, presented his ideas on the topic "Recent Advances in Evolutionary Economic Geography". The lecturer covered a wide range of topics from the geography of innovation, regional development, platform economies and geographical transition research to innovation policy. A total of 26 students took part in the seminar, more than in the ISEGs held online in the previous two semesters. The Institute would like to thank all participants and Koen Franken for the inspiring lectures and discussions.