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20. ISEG: Entrepreneurship, Geography and Policy | Dr. Erik Stam

20. ISEG: Entrepreneurship, Geography and Policy | Dr. Erik Stam

Dr. Erik Stam,  Department of Economic Geography, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Programm und Ablauf des Seminars

08. - 12.12.2008 jeweils von 16:00-19:00 Uhr

  1. Session (08. Dezember): Geographies of Entrepreneurship
    • Stuart, T.E. and Sorenson, O. (2003): The geography of opportunity: spatial heterogeneity in founding rates and the performance of biotechnology firms. Research Policy 32: 229-253.
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    • Stam, E. (2009): Entrepreneurship, Evolution and Geography. in: Boschma, R. and Martin, R. (eds) The Handbook of Evolutionary Economic Geography. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. forthcoming.

  2. Session (09. Dezember): Location of new and young firms
    • Stam, E. (2007): Why Butterflies Don’t Leave. Locational behavior of entrepreneurial firms. Economic Geography 83(1): 27-50. 
    • Michelacci, C. and Silva, O. (2007): Why so many local entrepreneurs? The Review of Economics and Statistics, 89(4): 615-633.

  3. Session (10. Dezember): Entrepreneurship and economic growth
    • Wennekers, S. and Thurik, R. (1999): Linking Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth. Small Business Economics 13(1): 27-55.
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    • Bosma, N., Stam, E. and Schutjens, V. (2009): Creative Destruction and Regional Productivity Growth: Evidence from the Dutch Manufacturing and Services Industries. Small Business Economics, forthcoming.

  4. Session (11. Dezember): Entrepreneurship and structural change
    • Kenney, M. and Von Burg, U. (1999): Technology and Path Dependence: The Divergence between Silicon Valley and Route 128. Industrial and Corporate Change 8 (1): 67-103.
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    • Stam, E. and Garnsey, E. (2008): Decline and renewal of high tech clusters: The Cambridge case. CTM working paper 2008-04.

  5. Session (12. Dezember): Entrepreneurship and public policy
    • McQuaid, R.W. (2002): Entrepreneurship and ICT Industries: Support from Regional and Local Policies, Regional Studies 36(8): 909-919.
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